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When you hire us, you are literally plugging in a badass team of digital strategists, marketers, designers, and copywriters to help you reach your growth goals.

From the Desk of: Fabian Real
Re: How To Double Sales And Profits Fast

Dear Friend,

Does this sound like you?

You’re a business builder who dreams of someday becoming a millionaire entrepreneur.

Currently, you’re focused on lead generation and, ultimately, you really want to become financially independent.

However, right this minute you would be ecstatic if you could just double sales and profits fast.

But unfortunately, you still have to figure out how to rise above all the online noise before you can move forward.

You’re also probably really frustrated by the fact that ads keep getting more and more expensive.

I know how that feels because I’ve been there myself… lots of times!

In fact, I struggled for a long time trying to answer this one question: “How can I get more leads?

Chances are you’ve also struggled with the idea that you have to be a guru to make any real money (which is bumming you out).

In fact, when it comes to lead generation, you might even have a sneaky suspicion that “guru’s” that never come through their promises actually hope you FAIL!

When all is said and done, you just want to create all of your sales funnels, direct response copywriting, sales letters, and Facebook Advertisingreach financial independence through online sales, and avoid making high-risk investments.

To staff your business up with this kind of expertise it would literally cost you $325,000+ per year in overheads (average salary of 65k x 5 team members).

Instead, you can have our team manage this ALL FOR YOUfor a fixed monthly fee, which works out to be a fraction of that cost (and you don’t have all the headaches of building and staffing a team.

Oh, and the icing on the cake would be if you could see results in as little as 30 days!

If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I’d like to invite you to check out…

Claim Your FREE 45-Minute Growth Consultation To Discover A Custom-Tailored Strategy With Also A Step-By-Step Blueprint To Easily Outsell Your Competitors Even If Your Against An Industry Giant And Have A Small Budget
Due to COVID-19, We decided to get on the frontlines for online businesses

YOUR GROWTH IS OUR GROWTH ROI-focused marketing agency

We help online businesses to dominate their industries online by implementing “ahead of the competition” online marketing strategies with the aim to double sales. 

COVID-19 Resources For Online Business Owners

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover

The Free 45-Minute Growth Strategy Session Coaching

The 45-minute growth strategy session coaching makes it easy for you to create all of your sales funnels, direct response copywriting, sales letters, and Facebook Advertising without having any copywriting experience whatsoever.

You’re gonna LOVE this! Here’s just a taste of what you get inside 45-minute growth strategy session coaching

Your easy button to double sales and profits fast – Right Now!

Escape having any copywriting experience whatsoever trying to become financially independent.

Figure out how to become financially independent – No experience required!

Swiftly rise above all the online noise… even if you’re not sure you can do it.

Find out the real secrets to create sales funnel that will suck in leads like a vacuum and wildly Profitable Facebook Advertising Million Dollar Headlines 

Eliminate needless worry about lead generation – Completely!

Now, that’s a tall promise, and at this point, you might be asking…

Who Is Fabian Real And Why Should I Listen To Him and his team 

Fabian Real - founder and Head of Growth Boost Input Sales Funnel Marketing Agency

About Fabian Real

Boost Input was founded by Fabian Real, the agency makes it really straightforward to strategize growth momentum in your business.

After failing with his first four online businesses, Fabian finally struck gold with a site in the Direct-response Marketing space in 2012. He created Boost Input to teach the lessons he learned along the way.

Since launching Boost Input, Fabian quickly realized his losses made him win and now wants to give value and teach others to avoid failure and win, win, win.

Fabian is giving Free Growth Consultations in addition to Landing Pages and Direct-Response Copywriting Headlines to give online businesses the “ahead of the curve” strategies.

MISSION: Fabian wants to help as many businesses through this crisis (PANDEMIC)

Ready To Start Your Business Growth Through this Pandemic

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The Application Process


Start COVID-19 Growth Marketing Session

Application is nothing intrusive it just allows us to customize your experience .


Submit The Application

Once submitted you will get in contact with a growth marketing specialist to set a date and time.


Custom-Tailored Growth Session

Our specialist will listen to you and tackle the number 1 hair-on-fire problem and begin the done-for-you growth campaign and consist of an OPT-IN with direct-response headlines and 1 Facebook ads that will suck in leads like a vacuum on steriods.