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Boost Input Social Media Marketing Agency in Los Angeles California

Social Media Management

Achieve Brand Awareness (Followers) 

Boost Relationships (Engagement) 

Multiply Your Website Exposure (Traffic)

Search Engine Optimization

Raise Your Rankings, Increase Website Traffic and with Measurable Results


Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising for Small Businesses in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google My Business Postings.

Client Reporting Dashboard

Full Transparency.With our powerful reporting dashboard, you’ll be able to see everything we’re doing and know that you’re getting results.

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Why Work With Boost Input


Our Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services were designed with small businesses in mind. Whether you are a low budget start-up or an established small business, we provide services to help you improve your online visibility. 

We know that SMBs care about three main things: Results, Service, and Price. We’ve built a full-service product that gets results without compromising service. And we do it at prices that small businesses can afford.

What makes us unique is our real-time reporting system, LaunchPad, which provides you with up-to-the-minute reporting on every dollar spent on your account. You’ll be able to see how many pieces of content have been written for your site, what tasks have been completed, what tasks are still in the queue, and the percentage of tasks completed toward your current strategy.

Our technology streamlines the workflow process and produces efficiencies and transparency that our competitors cannot match. These efficiencies significantly reduce the time our SEO specialists need to perform a task, which lets us to do more for you – much more quickly, and for less

Small Business Marketing Services. We help your Business Grow!!!

Boost Input Social Media Marketing Agency in Los Angeles California

Our Small Business Marketing Services

Here at Boost Input our team are very skilled or proficient at analysing your small business needs to devise and implement the right strategy with the correct level of support. We will clearly outline learnings and recommendations to be seamlessly implemented.

We offer social media advertising services which are proven for immediate growth. By advertising through social media, all of our clients have seen results at lower costs.
Boost Input social media managers offer social media management services. Convert your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.
Boost Input gives small businesses top-quality strategies that have gotten hundreds of small businesses on the first page of Google.We use true tactics to help small businesses bring more traffic to their website and more business through the door.

We Help Grow Your Business

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What drives your Small Business great results

Get Your Small Business to the 1st Page of Google With a Winning SEO Strategy combined with Social Media Marketing to help you succeed in 2019.

Initial SEO/Social Media Campaign Setup

Once a campaign is entered into our system we begin working right away. The process starts by collecting all the information we need to optimize your website/Social Media campaign and get you found and ranked by Google. This typically takes 2-3 days.

SEO Keyword Optimization

It takes a lot to rank well for a keyword, so we do exhaustive research to find the very best terms for you. We then send you a list of recommended updates to incorporate those keywords onto your site. You can implement those updates on your own or we can do it for you.

Website/Social Media Profiles Optimization

The most successful websites/social media profiles are ones that both Google and your customers love enough to visit and recommend to others. To make sure this happens for your site, we do a full service cleanup as well as exhaustive upgrades to your code and user experience.

SEO Link Portfolio Development

When it comes to increasing traffic, making improvements on your website is only half the battle. You also have to do steady, ongoing work in other places on the web to continually get the word out about your business. To do this, we create content and place it in strategic locations online— raise your visibility and get you found by more potential customers

Custom SEO/Social Media Content Creation

Posting great content regularly is one of the best things you can do to get ranked by Google and keep potential customers interested in your business and Social Media Profiles. We create customized, quality content that keeps your website fresh and at the top of the rankings

Ongoing SEO/Social Media Consultation

At Boost Input, SEO and Social Media Marketing is a team effort, so we assign you a dedicated a Success Team of four to six specialists who get to know your business and your goals. Your team will build a campaign strategy from the ground up that will help you achieve your goals.
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SEO/Social Media Business Profile Development

To make sure that Google and prospective customers know that your business is active and legitimate, we create and maintain up-to-date profiles for you on trusted online business directories and Social Media.

Service and Performance Reporting

You will receive reports that show all the work we have done on your campaign, giving you an at-a-glance view of how it’s performing. These extensive reports will help you identify successes as well as adjustments that can be made for even better result

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